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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turn around time?

We normally ask for one week, but we have the ability to produce banners on short notice (sometimes same day for very urgent situations) as we do all production in-house. However, if your rush order disrupts normal production flow or requires after-hours production, rush charges may be charged (you will generally know in advance). Please know that the timing starts when we receive all of the following: 1) Approved order 2) Acceptable artwork files(s) and 3) Credit card information or other payment arrangements made in advance.

How much do your banners cost?

Prices vary as there are so many variables for each situation. We are happy to help you make the right choices for you application and will give you a quote once we have a banner solution that fits your needs.

Which material should I use?

That's one of those "it depends" answers. Considerations are if you are using the banner indoors and/or outdoors, dry and/or wet environments, textural qualities and image reproduction. The polypropylene is one of the most versatile, and the least expensive, and has a flat unwoven surface. Woven materials like the cotton and canvas, have a woven texture and a more "natural look", although have slightly less resolution than the polypropylene, though still very nice.

How do you ship and what does it cost?

We ship via FedEx Ground and FedEx Express as they have very reliable service and great tracking. There are many variables; rising fuel surcharges, charges for rural areas, charges for residential addresses and special services, it makes it difficult to give you an accurate rate without all the details. We charge the listed rates for Fed Ex shipping and add from $6 to $12 for packaging (depends on size ~ slightly more for unusual custom packaging) to cover our costs. Banners are rolled onto a tube, cardboard packing added, and shipped in a cardboard box, typically 5" x 5" (6" x x 6" for the larger boxes) by a few inches longer than the shortest length of the banner. Most orders range from 2 lb. to 6 lb. Our Zip Code is 95436 and you can go to to check rates.

Why do you prefer jpg files?

When we started printing banners (2006) we used Photoshop CS2, which had very poor vector file (AI, PDF, EPS) opening capabilities, and on large files it can take considerable time to rasterize vector files into a printable bitmap file. We also were receiving a high percentage of vector files with font, layer and other issues. We have upgraded to the CS6 Design and Web Suite, including Photoshop CS6 which now has excellent vector file conversion, so we can now more-easily accept vector files, but we still receive vector files that have font or other issues and delay production of your banners.

Why do you prefer Adobe RGB?

We feel that it has the widest color range of any commonly used color space. See FILE INFO page for more info on this.

Why do you want 300 dpi?

Other banner printers only requires 125 dpi. We want to make your banners with the best image quality possible. We print at 1200 dpi resolution using the same 12-color museum quality printer to create our banners, instead of typical 4 or 6 color lower resolution printers common in the banner printing trade. If you are creating banners and signage that will be viewed close up (within a few feet) and you give us quality input, you will see the higher resolution of our process. If the viewing distance is "further away" (depends on size of banner or sign) printing from lower resolution (200 dpi, 150 dpi) is perfectly acceptable. We've even printed from 72 dpi files with reasonable results (the client loved it) so we will do our best to work with what you have, and we admit that we are fussier than most people about image resolution.






Looking for answers to your questions? This is a good page to read, along with our FILE INFO and MATERIALS pages.

Still have questions? Feel free to email or call us for friendly help.